What are you so afraid of?…

I’m afraid of feeling like a fraud. I’m afraid of being rejected and embarrassed. I’m afraid of uncertainty. I’m afraid of risk. I’m afraid of being unloved, unlovable and unloving. I’m afraid of being a bag lady. I fear not being enough.

Much like yourself, it’s probably why it’s been so difficult for me to change into the person I truly wish to be.

So, because I want to experience more, better and the fullness of life, I risk each of the above. Everyday.


By sharing my thoughts via blog posts, social media updates and newsletters.

By creating and launching new ideas that may go nowhere.

By writing a book that gets uncomfortably close to my soul.

By saying I’m sorry.

By taking responsibility.

By speaking up.

By asking for what I want.

By declaring I matter, to myself.


Because I’ve learned the true beauty and depth of life comes from stepping up and jumping in and taking on the entirety of the ‘dream’, warts and all.

Face your fears. The difference in the quality of your life will be dramatic. It’s scary and tumultuous, but what’s the alternative?

Btw…We are all afraid of something, so you may as well get on with it.

Starting today, begin making your #mojomoves. The scarier the better.

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