My friends,

I’m opening up two spots for my 1-on-1 mentoring service, which is aimed for those who would like to get dynamically engaged in the creation process of their goals, dreams and desires. At times, even with your best intentions, it’s not easy to play full out and trigger what needs to happen in order to see the results imagined, or even know how or where to begin.


I’m set to help you with that.


By shifting how you currently engage with confidence, courage, mind traps, limitations and your overall approach on how you present yourself and business to the world, you’ll experience true transformation in both areas (which is actually the same journey in most cases).


I’m looking for people who:

  • Are doing meaningful work or would like to being doing so: You’re creating, you’re shifting your business to the next level, you’re starting a non-profit, you’re volunteering, you’re changing lives, you’re writing a book, you’re serving a team or community, you care about the people you’re serving.


  • Are being held back by your patterns in uncertainty: Your meaningful work is filled with uncertainty, which brings up habitual patterns … maybe you put things off, you try to control everything, you feel overwhelmed, you feel anxiety, you experience imposter syndrome, you shrink away from public speaking or putting your work in public, you take on too much, you play a smaller game than you should, you feel resentment, you run to comfort and distraction, you don’t delegate. Maybe not all of these, but possibly a few of them.


  • Are ready to take action and commit to mentoring: I’m not looking for someone who will sign up and then not actually do the work. Maybe you’ve put things off before, but if you sign up with me, I want a commitment that you’re going to make the time to work with me within a sacred mentoring space, show up fully for the calls and your practices, and be all in.


  • Are not afraid of mindfulness or accountability practices and are willing to go deeper: You’ve practiced mindfulness before and don’t mind going deep into practices that will shed a light on blind-spots and blocks, being vulnerable, being radically honest, and opening up to new training.


  • Are ready to spiral up the elegance factor in their personal and business presentation. Your personal style requires a boost and polish and/or your business and social spaces and PR materials need to be created or up-leveled. 


  • Are ready to commit some time, effort and money into something meaningful: What is so important to you that you’re ready to commit time, effort and money to it?


Is that you? What is meaningful to you? Who do you care deeply about? What change do you want to create in the world?


How These Mentoring Sessions Work

We’ll start with a free call, to get to know each other, and see if it’s the right fit. You won’t be under any obligation after the call. Then I’ll send you a proposal, and if you sign on, we’ll commit to working together.


Then we’ll meet twice a month, on video call, and dive into your patterns, and what’s needed to uplevel your personal and business journey, what’s holding you back, what you want to create, and how you can train to shift those patterns. We’ll work flexibly, but with commitment, dedication and accountability.


I’ll give you practices/assignments to do between calls — this is where the real change takes place. You’ll log your sessions and I’ll give you feedback on your log so that you can adjust if needed.


Then we’ll see what magic happens.


Ready to mentor with me? If so, please fill out the contact form below and I will connect with you to determine the best fit to set up a free 1-hour exploration call, where we can explore what we might work on together to create something amazing in your life. Before we chat, I’ll send you clarifying questions to help you settle into where you want to manifest your efforts.


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