Relentlessness. What do you know about this adjective for do-ability? There are those that hear the word and feelings of negativity are instantly invoked, producing a certain connotation of aggressiveness they’re not used to, while others get excited by the mere thought of adding this element to their arsenal of next level strategies.

Which person are you?  Keep in mind, there are no right or wrong answers. I ask only as a reminder that if you’re following these articles, it’s because you felt a need to spiral up a particular energy or spark that propels you forward, no matter what.  Basically you’re looking to build up and essence and power at your core that stands firm in the face of opposition to your convictions or stays the course when all looks lost, no matter what.

Those folks are rare sightings. They’re ‘black swans’. People who chose the difficult path because they refused to fall into ‘peopling’ like the rest.

I like the word, ‘peopling’.  Some will be offended, and although it’s not my intention to offend, I continue along without apology.  Peopling has become an acceptable form of conformity reeking of activity of a certain kind; appears strong, different even influential, but at its core, it reeks of safety and status quo-y.  It’s a front of conformity that hides itself from onlookers.  Only the the wearer of this mask knows the truth of what’s actually up.

Control the fear and be relentless. Nobody can stop you.

As I said, no apologies. I consider myself to be a Changemaker, a Mojomaker. Someone committed to holding space for those ready to rise to their genius and next level experience.  I chose this path because I’m in love with the energy of those that walk the talk of change.  I admire those that leave their particular herds and venture into the unknown to blaze new trails for themselves and proclaim their intention to survive the jungle and then actually do. These people are my personal heroes.

My admiration points specifically to the relentless factor they manage to conjure up when the going gets exceedingly tough.

One mode of populism currently swirling around, especially in the personal development realm is that if things feel hard it’s not ‘to be’.  Folks, I hate to bust your happy bubble, but let me fill you in on something, life tends to be extremely hard at times.  For some of you reading this, life is hard a good deal of the time.

No where was it ever promised that life would be easy, nor would you want it to be.  If life was one long rainbow party full of dancing unicorns, we’d die young.  I honestly believe that. I believe obstacles and adversity shapes and hone our character providing purpose if we swivel our perspective in that direction.

Giving up or even more interesting, not showing up because it’s too much work to dive deep or participate in conversations that require a depth of knowledge or energy, has because an acceptable norm. I run the risk of sounding preachy, but as someone that wrestles with this myself and working with clients who come to me seeking exciting results, I see how they are caught off guard a bit because I take them down this road of thinking.

The next level of anything in this world requires toughing up on your part. Not in an adversarial kind of way, but a spiritual toughing that requires dealing with your shadows and bad habits.  It will shine a light on lazy attitudes of mind, body and soul that will catch you out.  It will take more from you than expected and for that reason alone, many will settle to stay within the safe confines of their particular herd, speaking the same conversations, going through routines that are draining but familiar.

What about you?

How ready are you to turn up your ‘relentless factor’?

The most successful among us got where they are because they rose above and transcended obstacles. They willingly took the road less traveled and carved new paths. They would rather die than hang out and ‘people’.

I remember the day I chose to set out and begin my journey toward something more. It terrified me because the way was unknown. No one among my peers could tell me what to do, in fact they told me I was nuts. I refused to listen and did so knowing I would pay a price.  The final tally of re-imagining and executing the plans on a new life will never truly be known.  The only thing I will know on a daily basis, is that my soul is satisfied regardless of what things look like.

What about you?

Are you willing to pay the price life will extract from you to be relentless in shaping the course of your life?  Many will shake their  head in agreement, but will never actually make their move. It’s too bad really, because you have it within you to rise up and make a difference in your life and in the lives of many others.

Relentlessness can be learned. I learned it. I falter and lose my way at times, but what good adventurer didn’t slide off a cliff or get stuck in sandpit or two or three?  The point is, practice and grow the fortitude to say yes to your dream and begin. I will never tell you it will be easy and that everyone will love or even like you. What I will tell you is that this is the stuff of legends. It’s how you discover and meet your other self. The self with deep wisdom. The self that’s highly intuitive and brave. The self that’s been waiting to meet you all your life.

Today, I challenge you to write down the step you need to take toward your next goal or dream. If it’s not scary, it doesn’t count, at least not in my books.  I’m talking about taking steps that stretch you into uncomfortable spaces, requiring you to step out into a whole new arena of being-ness. I’m challenging you to

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