You did notice I said your underwear drawer, not underwear, right?


Either way, you’re probably wondering where I’m going with this. I’ll share a short story to clear things up a bit.


At one point, I felt drab within the confines of my life. It all felt and looked colourless.  I went through the motions we all tend to do; job, housework, grocery shopping, feeding ourselves and others etc.  It was all incredibly mundane and I felt suffocated.


It wasn’t until I opened my underwear drawer, did I see the issue swirling around and contaminating all aspects of my life.


The content of the drawer spoke volumes. It was a seething mass of dark, disheveled, worn out items that should have been discarded long ago.  It looked like how I felt; jumbled and discombobulated.


There’s a correlation between how we feel, our environment and everything in it. If your energy is heavy and dark, all else around you tends to manifest in much the same way.


I knew it was time to shake things up, and not until I pulled the drawer open that fateful morning, did I see what needed to happen next.


The energy of our lives our within our control. We’ve been socialized to believe it lays in the hands of others and outside circumstances.  Waiting for life to change will only keep you stuck on the sidelines watching everyone else get what they want. A definite recipe for dis-enhancement with life.


A recent Mojo Newsletter went out where I outlined the virtue of spiralling up the vibration of sensuality within our lives.   After taking a look at my long-suffering underwear drawer, it dawned on me that a certain sense of aliveness was missing from my life. It was time to tune into sensual living.



We, ladies more specifically, have become so bogged down in the constraints of daily living we’ve lost sight of our magic selves. We’ve disengaged from our ability to conjure up possibilities that excite and delight. We in essence have lost our mojo.


Let’s not forget that aliveness and our inherent power was drained away as part of our socialization. Although we are expected to look good, feeling good is another matter altogether.


Taking steps to bring lightness back to ourselves is your sacred duty, Mojomaker. Struggling to keep up with standards that leave you feeling empty is a losing proposition. Feel out the whispers that are constantly feathering you with light strokes of enlightenment. Tune in, listen and act.


What are your desires? When was the last you fed your needs? Do you even know what you want or is acceptance of ‘what is’ now your operating mode?


You see, once we take our eyes off the energy and drive of our life, existing on autopilot becomes normalized.


Are you frustrated with the way things are?


Do you find yourself wondering if this is all that’s available for you?


Do you dream of something more?


Do allow others to choose and make decisions for you because you have no energy to think and choose for yourself?


Do you yearn to take your life and choices to a whole new dimension of power, openness and delight?


If so, it sounds like you’re in need of a dynamic awakening and connection to your desires.


As for me, I dumped the contents of my underwear drawer and began anew.


Only 10% of the original items made it back inside. Replacing the old with the new was an exercise in intention. I chose things that made me feel wonderful and alive. Texture and colour added function with playfulness. Sensuality and sexiness found its way into the redesign of my drawer. I’ve even renamed it. It’s now my lingerie drawer. I’m excited to choose from its interior each day.


Where in your life do you require fresh and powerful energy that will ensure your aliveness? Take a look around and see what’s going on around you. How do you feel? If you’re not feeling good, chances are you’ve allowed the old and mundane to build a stronghold in and around your life.


Don’t use this new awareness as the means to feel bad about your past choices, instead rejoice. It’s a new beginning, an opportunity to choose with excitement, intention and power. Connect to the depth of your being and choose with boldness and authenticity.  Go ahead, it’s yours for the asking and taking.


Let loose. You’ll be surprised to see how the energy rushes in to change things on your behalf. Simply be willing to let it happen.


Wake up to your next mojomove.  You know it’s time. 

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