Pamela Sylvan responded to our request for help in problem-solving during a discouraging time in our fundraiser event promotion process.
She was able to not only give us a myriad of ideas and tools to make our event a success, but was also able to lift the team’s energy into a place of optimism and excitement about our upcoming event.
This was no small feat, as I was in the meeting via a conference call-in, due to the fact that I was home sick at the time.
Pamela’s positive energy and creative thinking was so strong that it reached me through the phone line and lifted me into our new action plan.
I would highly recommend Pamela Sylvan to anyone who is event planning, or doing public relations outreach for an event.
She is a genius!
Jay Scott

Professional Fundraising Coordinator

Pamela Sylvan and I met a few years ago at the Making History Gala dinner in Victoria.

 I was motivated by her speech that evening. I found her to be incredibly relatable and precise to the needs of the occasion. 

This year on March 30th we had the pleasure of Pamela’s keynote delivery to a full house in attendance at our Gala Dinner wrapping up Black History month. The audience was a mixture of diverse cultures and she was able to engage and hold the attention of all in the room. Attendees were highly impressed with her storytelling skills and level of energy. The Nanaimo African Heritage Society looks forward to Pamela speaking at future events. I enthusiastically recommend engaging Pamela’s services as a speaker. She’ll bring power and light to your event. Thank you Pamela, we look forward to your return.

Shalema Gantt

CEO , Panache Agency | Nanaimo African Heritage Society | NAHS Magazine

I’ve known Pamela for a number of years and soon after I took over the reins of my new position as General Manager of Poet’s Cove Resort  & Spa on Pender Island, BC. I invited her to collaborate with me and leverage her extensive PR and social media expertise to help take the resort through the early transition months of new ownership.

I knew she was competent, professional and dedicated to delivering the highest quality work for her clients and was surprised and delighted to discover that she was also able to support me in many other areas of the business including the ability to help plan both my personal and business visions.

In effect, Pamela became my right-hand person in those critical early months and was a key player in the successful launch of the busy peak season.

I appreciate her competence, energy, enthusiasm and passion for learning and I’m certain her consulting and mentoring business along with her online magazine D & A she successfully launched in Victoria will be a great success and that her advice, support and expertise will be valued by her clients and all businesses fortunate enough to connect with her.


Nuno Gama

Professional Hospitality Management & Consulting

Pamela has great ideas regarding how her clients position themselves and their product/service to their clients. She takes time to educate and communicate the process and the expected results so anyone can understand and feel confident that the service she provides will work.

She is right on target in directing you. She knows precisely where to hone in to get you moving forward whether it be an inward or outward issue. Great stuff at a reasonable cost!

I sincerely recommend Pamela’s service to anyone intending to communicate to prospective clients or if you need her powerful clarity and accountability skills.

Freda Crake

Master Tarot Reader, Tarot By Freda