There is a fountain of youth; It is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of the people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age.’  ~ Sophia Loren


A question…how exhausting has it become constantly hearing the many ways you’re lacking, according to society’s definition? You’re either not good looking, sexy, skinny, wealthy, confident, worthy or elegant enough. The inadequacies within and around our lives piled up based on someone else’s thoughts. 


I say nonsense. 


Yet, we’ve fallen for these scripts especially as it pertains to beauty.  But guess what? We’ve also become complicit in spreading the ‘story’  that collectively keep us all stuck and miserable.


I’ve discovered that the foundation of the problem is the lack of ownership over our own individual beauty.  Standards of style, elegance, allure, artistry, grace and attraction since the inception of whoever had authority over what looked good or didn’t, ruled. We’re left to feed the monstrous retail beauty machine with revenues adding up to double digit billions and growing exponentially.


Ownership, my friend, is your key to beauty. But it’s gotta be your unique version, the one you came with into this world.



You must embrace the parts of yourself you’ve cringed from looking at for so long because you labeled them unappealing or ugly. A 360 degree pivot toward acceptance is what’s now required to live your best version. 


What’s bugging you about your looks? Is it your hair, nose, lips, hips, breasts, legs, shape of your eyes or colour of your skin? I had massive hangups for years about my hair, lips, nose and skin colour. Talk about baggage, I had it in spades! 


My preoccupation about these things kept me entwined in feelings of inadequacy as a woman. My confidence levels were in the basement. Accomplishing worthy endeavours  was difficult since I couldn’t find a way to circumvent my negative self view.


But I did and so can you.  How?


I made a solid decision to own my particular brand of beauty.  I will never be the ‘standard’ as set out by  society.  I’ll never be a skinny white girl, so I had to look at myself and begin the process of loving what life gave me.


I owned the fact I was dark skinned, with amazingly smooth skin, large eyes and lips. I’m a unicorn within my environment. When I opened myself up to this perspective my confidence levels soared.


I want this for you as well. 


Own what life and your momma gave you.


You’re what I like to call a ‘creatrix’. Your ability to design is dependent upon what you decide and commit yourself to. I committed myself to elegance, pleasure, fun and empowerment. Everything I do and touch is done with those aspects in mind.  It’s how I create and design my life.


You too have the power to choose and design. I urge you to do so but first dump the ‘schlepp’. We’ve already established that attempting to adhere to classic beauty standards are a waste of your time. I’m advocating that you create your own beauty standard but choose well.


Many women seem to think that sloppy and slovenly is the hallmark of authenticity. That someone dressing down or sloppy indicates an enlightened nature. Oh honey, don’t do that to yourself. The Universe brought you in as an individualized work of art. You don’t have to design yourself the way I do, but keep it neat and interesting. Own the body you have. Is it large? Love it. Is it round? Love it. Is it short? Love it. Is it skinny? Love it. Love it by taking extremely good care of it. Dress it, accessorize it, keep it clean, tidy, healthy, strong, nourished, hydrated and rested. Just love it to the point people stare and wonder how you arrived on the scene with such vitality.



A woman shall resolve as early as possible in life to make the most of whatever delightful natural advantages she may have in the way of face and figure, and resolve never, never to let herself go into slovenly decline.  ~ Mae West


 Mae got it right. Resolve to own and take control of your natural advantages. When I stopped feeling ashamed of my large lips, I began choosing bold lipsticks. People noticed 😉


My friend, if you don’t enjoy your own spirit, sensuality, personality, preferences, and body you can’t be as beautiful as you could be.


You could never be beautiful like me. I can never be beautiful like you.   However, we each can be beautiful in our own right.


You’re a creator/creatrix. Decide how you want to show up then go out and swagger in the world. Block out the good opinion of others and just go for it. Sexiness, confidence, beauty and allure is a byproduct of self love. You’ve seen it in action. Some of the most beautiful people I know are not considered classic beauties but they light up a room each time they walk in. Their heart space shines bright and bold. They know their worth which positively affects confidence levels. Inner beauty springs forth which you see externally thus you call them beautiful.

Be as beautiful as you can personally be and while you’re at it, bring in pleasure, of all kinds. 

If you’re considering boosting your beauty factor and not quite sure how to get started, I’d be happy to consult with you. What I’ve come to see is that we can embrace our beauty in countless ways. All you have to do is look around and incorporate your vision in every move you make, every item you surround yourself with and every thought and feeling you have about yourself and your place in this big, amazing world. Look around and choose how to make it your own in a way that works for you.

Have your way with beauty and learn how to honour the mojo you/we were all born with. Ya baby!

Fall in love with yourself. Yes, I know you’ve heard it said countless times but it’s the place to start. Redecorate your internal and external landscapes and treat yourself like you’re incredibly worthy and important, even royal, because you are.

I’ll leave you here with these reflections. I’ll be back with tips and power thoughts but in the meantime, play with the concept of being and acting like the most beautiful person you know. You’ll be shocked how the world responds back to you once you do.
Go ahead, make your mojomove.
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