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At the core of everything I teach is an emphasis on the authentic value of the real you.

Yes, I teach communication and publicity strategies.

But it all comes from a deep-rooted belief that in order to do our greatest work in this world – we must begin with the human element.

  • If you want a community of raving fans and passionate clients, you need to win their hearts by making them feel deeply seen and heard. At the heart of this is your intrinsic feeling of confidence, deep self love and abiding esteem.


  • If you want to become a well-respected name in your industry, you’ll get there much faster by building relationships with influencers who can help pull you up to their level. Knowing you deserve this gift of respect and influence is a foundation to build upon while diminishing impostor syndrome.


  • If you want to get featured in top publications, podcasts and more, you need to understand what the media is truly looking for and build a win-win relationship with them. Creating your origin story plus shifting up to your best version requires your full attention.


  • If you want to accomplish all this and more in the world, you need to feel the power of conviction and belief all which feed your confidence and courage.

Following my approach, my clients and students have experienced exponential growth as they establish their mindsets.

Is it your turn?

There are a variety of ways to work with me.

I primarily work with people through private mentoring and my online programs.

The doors for these programs open for limited times throughout the year. If you find one you’re interested in, join the VIP Early Notification Lists below. send for full details using the contact form below.


Ignite! Spiral Up Your Influence, Confidence & Charisma

Want to be the ‘it’ person people desire to meet and connect with? It’s easier than you can imagine.

Achieving success in this highly competitive world is simply a matter of turning on your inner energy and power. You’ll learn to connect to your unique message and practice integration to your total being.

Confidence, charisma, communication and style are then pulled into the equation and aligned to your fabulous origin story. Stop being lost in the crowd. Spiral up and impact the masses instead!



Woman, Rise

A power-packed program for women who are READY to ascend to their next level of communicating and manifesting in the world.

Learn, understand and practice wisdom techniques handed down through the ages. Women carry a unique brand of energy. Connect to your personal power and wisdom and rise up to your gift inherent only to you. The world impatiently awaits your offering. Align who you are to your mojo within so all that you were meant to be can rise up, shine all the way to your personal success.  


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