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Meet your 5-day email course host…


Hello. Since I’ll be talking to you in first person during this free 5-day email course, I don’t want to use a stuffy third-person bio here. So . . .

I have been writing, growing online communities, and selling products and services online since 2010. Everything from freelance writing , creating my own ebooks, hosting an oline radio show, contributing to a weekly newspaper column, editor of an online lifestyle magazine, and teaching PR at the Post Grad level.

I have written for, or been featured in, in magazines, radio shows and have been asked to keynote business galas for entrepreneurs.


Quick stats:

  • I speak at workshops and host retreats, salonniers and events that engage women at a powerful level.


  • I studied marketing in University and have started/run countless in-person and online businesses since then.


  • I have built strong connections to influencers and what I like to call ‘mavens’ of various kinds.  It’s good to know movers and shakers when necessary.


  • When I’m not teaching/writing or mentoring, I’m chronicling my journeys on in the book I’m currently writing, racing to meet the daily sunrise, searching for great food and wine in some random city in the world, or watching well thought out documentaries.

This 5-day email course is for anyone with knowledge to share who wants to help people, build community, and/or change the world in significant or small ways, but are holding themselves back due to stagnant thinking or fear. My sole mission is to make it easier for you to create, clear stale energy, rise up, glow, and get ready to meet your audience.

I’m taking my years of experience creating programs, teaching, promoting, mentoring and building strong business relationships, publishing share-worthy content, selling out in-person events, and building communities . . . and putting it into all of the programs and offerings now available to you.