Life is often a series of unfortunate events.


Just as we feel everything is going along nicely in one area of life, our ‘wheel of fortune’ turns suddenly and we’re immediately faced with another slew of setbacks or problems. Many of you, myself included, have or are currently going through difficult times, and it feels like it’s one long constant struggle, and as if you CAN’T win, ever.


This plethora of setbacks and onslaught of negativity can often be enough to make us cry out to the heavens and even shut out the world, consequently, shutting out access to joy and putting a cork in our Mojo.


Did you also notice how these setbacks cause us to be overly sensitive, frightened, and nervous to pursue any new experiences out of fear of further failure, tragedy, rejection, or pain? This is what I want to talk about in this article.


We can’t let this happen, especially while working toward a next level experience.


It’s easy to turn down opportunities for joy or fun due to sheer exhaustion when we’re struggling. It feels easier, or more comfortable to drag the problems around or even wallow in the emotional pain, instead of inviting more enjoyable stimuli into our life.


But I’ve found that when we keep fun out of our lives, we lose the opportunity to relax and re-energize our power.  It makes the painful times worse, and causes excess emotion, pain, and struggle. Simply put, we need to play!


It’s said that we must become like little children to enter the Kingdom. Kingdom living can mean many and different things to different people. At a basic level, it’s the place joy resides. Children have a knack for staying in their joy more often and longer than us adults. They may get upset but don’t you notice how quickly they shake it off, bounce back and go directly to play again?


We on the other hand engage in long sessions of worry, fighting and ruminating over every aspect of the issue or problem. We don’t give ourselves a break or time away to gain fresh perspective, which would otherwise allow us to create room for the solutions to present themselves.


Instead of offsetting our pain through moments and methods of joy, laughter or fun, our inward struggle seem to envelop all corners of our lives until we begin questioning our very existence.


Now, I do not dismiss the emotional turmoil that come with life’s struggles, nor do I believe that we should always force ourselves to have fun in the face of struggle, but I DO think that we need to cut ourselves some slack and create space to allow fun to flow. I call it ‘Medicinal Fun’. 


The truth is, for however long we reside in this world, trials, temptation, pain, and tragedy will be our experience. Setbacks, loss, failures, rejections, and all sorts of problems will find us. If we wait to enjoy life until problems disappear, we’ll wait the rest of our life. I don’t know about you, but that’s much too long of a wait for me.


Learn to play again & enter your place of joy.


A healthy dose of play and fun has the power to offset life’s struggles. The pleasure found in everyday occurrences and those found in the presence of loved ones or sensual encounters have the ability to remind us that we are alive and well and can move through dark times.


Solemnity has its place in life. I’m not advocating disrespect when the opposite is required. However, consider turning the proverbial other cheek if at all possible. Staring into the abyss only creates more abyss experiences.


Consider becoming proactive in your life in terms of your capacity to handle emotions especially the dark ones. Trauma plays a big part in our ability to see things objectively or not. This takes practice. Catching your thoughts as they occur and flipping them to more positive aspects is a lifelong journey, but as time passes it gets easier and smoother and the smiles come faster.


Joy requires that we make room for it. It awaits our invitation to spring forth into our lives. Pleasure, fun and play smooth the way for this life reviving energy to encapsulate the circumstances of our lives. It’s to be pursued and fostered. Nurture thoughts and circumstances that bring the light of joy closer to you and watch what happens next.


Yes, it takes time, and a bit of effort but not much if you’re willing to let down your guard and play, even just a little bit. 


Today, you’re encouraged to move out of the way of joy.  Pursue play more vigilantly.  Say yes to laughter and allow yourself to see hope and while you’re at it, glimpse the possibilities of the person you were meant to be.


This is the art of Mojomaking. It’s the art of living, the art of love and loving. It’s the art of becoming.


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