Today I’m shining a spotlight on what’s preventing you from moving forward to your next level experience.


In this context, your next level = your future self. 


The self which operates with greater clarity, agility, ability, power, compassion, joy and love. You’ve seen this ‘you’ within the depths of your imagination.


It’s the person you see when you set goals or create vision boards or when you envision success. They linger within the misty confines of your heart and knock on the door of your soul from time to time.



They’re also the person you tend to hide from or ignore.  


Why? Most likely from the belief you can’t rise up to meet that person. I believed that for a long time too.


I soon discovered I had a ‘faith’ problem.  Without it, you’ll eventually stall out. Your faith and belief in your ability to manifest future success are attached to your past results.  


If you’ve failed at something previously, your brain will remind you of it causing you to falter and doubt your ability to affect present moment change.


You’ll question yourself asking, “What makes me so different now?”  Basically, you’re wired to see the negatives especially those in your past.


Therefore, if you’re stuck now, it’s because of a strong focus on what previously didn’t work. The nasty feeling of past failures or incompletions are set within your body. Each time another opportunity to move forward presents itself, you’re triggered and the cycle begins again.



So what do you do?


First, I’d caution against attempting to fix the big problems plaguing you right away.  Each time you’ve tried in the past, your brain and body reminded you what didn’t work and painful feelings rose up.


Instead, gain momentum in areas of your life to build ‘confidence & courage equity’ you’ll need to deal with bigger issues. Let’s say you want to have more confidence when you’re around other people. You’ll need to talk to other people to accomplish this, but what are some things you could do to gain momentum before going into social situations?


Perhaps you can:

  • get in better shape
  • know your origin story (people do ask)
  • buy nice clothes
  • read up on current events
  • have interesting stories to share
  • prepare or update your online assets (website, business cards, LinkedIn page, media kit or page etc.)


Which version of you is going to gain momentum? Socially awkward you that is poorly dressed, tired, out of shape and boring or socially awkward you that is well dressed, full of vitality, interesting and has a lot going for them?


Like a train, you want to gather up enough steam that will give you the momentum to apply to bigger issues.  Tackling big issues while feeling less than adequate will quickly derail you. Those top 6 tips are keystones, meaning they can be the foundation for building momentum especially if you’re an entrepreneur.


Imagine all the situations getting better at those things can apply to:

  • finding a new job
  • starting or levelling up a business
  • making new friends
  • establishing new connections while networking
  • having higher quality relationships
  • breaking addictions
  • improvements in mood and vitality
  • much improved confidence and courage



The point is, your focus always has to stay in momentum. When my life was in the toilet, I had to gain momentum in a few simple things:

  • I read a lot (still do)
  • I watched a lot of documentaries, biographies and educational content (still do)
  • I attended a lot of conferences, workshops, webinars and social engagements (still do)
  • I practiced speaking, writing, presentation styles (still do)
  • I worked with an accountability mentor (still do)
  • I asked for what I needed (still do)


It didn’t change my circumstances overnight, but I was moving in the right direction and that’s all that counted.


What can you get momentum on this week?  


Read a great book, attend a fascinating workshop, ask for something you need, ask for help, workout, write in your journal, create your business plan, wake up earlier, organize your home, organize your time and how it’s used, brainstorm, write a chapter for your book or memoir, make healthier food choices, etc.


Give your brain and body the signal that you’re doing something and moving in a positive direction, then keep going! Make your #mojomove.

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