Elegance has always been a fascinating topic to me. Its elusive qualities begged to be demystified. But how?  It’s difficult to find adequate words to describe this immutable trait and isn’t it interesting that both you and I know when elegance walks in the room.


It’s that person who seems to have it all together. They’re well groomed, don’t rush, shove or push their way through life or situations, have a healthy dose of self esteem and define their sense of worth through their specific choice of clothing. They’re stylish in appearance and manner.


Many of us think of Audrey Hepburn when we think of elegance. She epitomizes the word. Her elegance continues to inspire the world today in fashion, classiness and the art of elegant living.


As part of the Mojomaker essence, I’d like you to consider elegance as something more than what you see. Yes, grooming and style are an integral part but not the only ones. Confidence plays a large part in the elegance equation.


Why bother with elegance, grooming and style in the first place? It’s not high on the list of what’s important in today’s world like it did decades ago when polish mattered. After-all, there are more important things to think and worry about such as making a living and rising to the top of one’s career. So why work toward spiralling up elegance, style and class?


True elegance of taste is generally accompanied with excellency of heart ~ Henry Fielding


Because believe it or not, it still matters. It’s the forerunner to confidence. As a mentor, I raise the power of elegance in my clients and turn them on to the definitive and working power of these qualities and how it changes outcomes for the better in their lives. 


True power comes from combining elegance and confidence together, which I’ve named ‘elegant self confidence’.  This is represented by the inside (heart) and outside (personal grooming, manners, speech, posture, poise, style, etc.)


The approach to the type of elegant confidence that makes powerful things occur begins on the inside, first.  


Many think simply by wearing designer labels or spending small fortunes on clothes, and cars will give them the confidence and class they seek. Not so. Actually, many miss the mark entirely with this outside approach to elegance and fall into the land of vulgarity instead.  Too much bling, rudeness, snobbishness, showiness, all these depict a shallow soul and closed heart. 


I love my bling and nice clothes, but I’m conscious that they are only things and don’t constitute what it means to be a person of class. I’ll go into more depth about this in an upcoming article. 


The inside/outside approach to elegance and confidence falls on the side of kindness and graciousness. 



How do you begin?


Easy. Love others. Value and esteem others. Treat everyone the same regardless of social status, looks, speech, education. Don’t save your best manners or attention for certain people. Genuinely care about people. Become a first-class listener. Be curious about others, ask questions and allow them to talk about themselves. 


When you’re gracious, you move with elegant self confidence, knowing what to do and what to say appropriately.


I’m advocating that you work to move to a life of elegant living which comes from confidence simply because it sets you apart from the masses.


We seem to fallen into a belief that says what we represent no longer matters. It still matters. It matters to you even if you don’t realize it.  When you come across those with impeccable manners, a sense of style, elegance and graciousness you react positively. You make allowances for them even if you’re not aware of it.


Elegance is not dependent on money. It depends on care. Care in choosing your clothes. Care in wearing them. Care in keeping them. Care in the thoughts you think ~  Mojomaker


Wouldn’t it be nice to move through life with such ease? You can if you’re aware of the secrets of confident elegance and how to activate these qualities in your own life. 


I’ll speak more on this topic in the upcoming days and weeks. In the meantime, discover and know yourself better, it’s the first step toward confident elegance. I’ll come back with steps and questions to help you get there.


As I’ve said, the elusive quality of elegance begins with confidence. Living confidently is a powerful forerunner to unlocking your dreams, goals and ambitions. Without it, you’re stuck swirling around in doubt, confusion and a live not fully lived.


Power resides in the power of confident elegance. Take steps to activate yours today!




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