Create your moments.


‘Moments’ are those instances that define you and your purpose. The juncture or point when you stop fussing and messing around and actually start behaving like the person you actually want to be or even just as a grown up in charge of your life.  


Abandon the amount of time you continually invest waiting for something grand to happen or guru to arrive and grant access to those moments. Create them.  The ability to do it resides within you.


Decide in an instance to think and act differently than you’ve acted before.  




By doing, thinking and acting differently.  


Still asking how?  


Here’s an example.  


Ladies, are you following the cultural ‘flow’ of things and wearing yoga pants or pj bottoms everywhere you go because you think it’s the best you can do? This is your opportunity to create a moment and upgrade your fashion sense and style.  


Decide, then spiral up your elegance factor.  Waiting for special permission or another eBook on how to stop wearing yoga pants is an exercise in futility.   The moment you decide to shift away from yoga pants as your daily uniform, understanding the ‘how’ may not be at your disposal. Don’t worry, the details will come.  


Think differently. See and imagine yourself as someone that knows and understands how to put themselves together beautifully. This is not a command to run out a spend loads of money on designer labels and such although you can. You can look elegant on a budget simply by making conscious choices with what you already have on hand.  


Act differently. People who are conscious take elegant approaches to everything in life. Whether it’s their choice of dress, the organization of their environment, how clean they keep their vehicles, or even the state of their techie devices, it’s really an exercise to stop cutting corners and stop making excuses, even if you got away with doing so in the past. 


Now’s your opportunity to rise above mediocrity.  


If you’ve always wondered how to rise to your next level, this is it. It may sound simplistic and precisely why many won’t make the attempt to rise up, it doesn’t ‘sound’ difficult enough. Don’t get stuck thinking like the masses.  


Choose to do things differently, then one day you’ll look back and see:

  • The moment your business became a work of excellence,
  • The moment your relationships became deeper and more meaningful,
  • The moment you got healthier,
  • The moment you completed the goals most important to you,
  • The moment you became a person of quality and purpose.


  Abandon your excuses, leave the fussing behind and create those moments.    

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