Today , I want to share a few words on the concept of ‘quiet’.  It’s good to be quiet, but it appears we hardly have time anymore to indulge in this life upholding pursuit.


I have been thinking of “quiet” a lot lately. I’ve felt the pull to draw back and go within more and more, spending time connecting to my needs, desires and even pleasures. I want to spend less time online and more time breathing in the rhythm of nature and the natural pace of life in its rawest form. 


Although my life isn’t crazy busy as it could otherwise be, I consume too much information, ruminate over feelings more than I should, and in general, spend too little time in meditation.


In short, I want to explore the concept of “quiet” as it currently exists and in doing so, you may see parallels in your own life.


I believe that most of us are completely bombarded with NOISE in every form: visual, auditory, informational, conversational and even emotional. Our world places high value on excitement, pleasure, and exhilaration, goading us to get in on the action at every turn or we’ll be considered ineffective. Discovering our needs and desires fall by the wayside since there’s little room with all the noise flying around us at any given time.


Spare time has become synonymous with laziness, apathy and indolence.  So what do we do? We squeeze in just a few more classes, degrees, and hours at work. We squeeze in another episode of Netflix. We squeeze in some time for coffee with a friend, and we squeeze in a moment to hug our spouse and/or children. We squeeze in time at the gym, and then go on our way to squeeze through rush hour traffic just to squeeze in a meal with the family.


We’ve become adept at squeezing our lives into compartments of time that leave us feeling scattered and desperately behind.


Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong pursuing learning, excitement, and the many glorious moments of the human experience, but I do think that many of us, including myself, should consider consuming less noise and more QUIET. I think we could benefit from cutting out some of the noise, even if it’s “good” noise.


I believe that this racket all around us has caused us to experience a loss of serenity.  And because I feel this way, I’ve been blessed to discover hiking and rediscover camping. The joy of connecting and communing with nature has delivered a new and heightened sense of peace I’ve lacked for a long time. Within the quiet cathedrals of the many forests I’ve visited, I found my quiet center and reawakened long forgotten internal paths specific to my life and work as the Mojomaker.


Charlie’s Trail – Royal Roads – Victoria BC


It’s my desire and wish to grow into the quiet and away from the noise more often than not. It’s within the quiet I hear the voice of life which enables me to process courage, confidence and elegance, and it is in the quiet I am able to tenderly hold the ones I love close and that includes myself as well.



I think it’s a wonderfully elegant idea to pursue the quiet and step away from the noise. I think it’s time to lower the volume on the visual and informational cacophony received daily and reconsider what true serenity looks like.


I don’t want life to rush past me as I constantly try to squish, squeeze, mold and fit time in. I want to be present and fully engaged, feeling rested. 


Of course, I don’t intend on hiding in a cave or throwing my devices away,  but I do plan on reevaluating my information input, and in general, reevaluating how much quiet I really need and will insist upon.


I do believe that in order to pursue balance and to live wholly, we must include a healthy dose of quiet into our daily lives, as our ancestors did. I think we need to feel the rhythm of cooking good food or gardening, while we hear the birds chirp or our dog pant. I think we need to spend an evening watching a sunset or an afternoon with our phones on airplane mode.


I think it’s time for me to pursue more walks along the beach and less hours on social media. And with that statement, I will be ending this blog post so that you too my friend, can get less screen time.




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