Hello, I’m Pamela

I’m an elegance, confidence and PR Mentor using professional skills, life experience and knowledge gleaned from powerful role models. Strategies, along with understanding and compassion are provided to help you connect to results that finally make sense.  I take leaders, authors, coaches and others and shift them from ‘afraid, hidden gem’ to ‘focused, powerful, go-getter’.


You’re more powerful than you know!

As the Mojomaker, I’m dedicated to help you claim and stand in your elegance + power!


Mentoring and resources provided for women who:


  1. Lost their magic and want it back again.
  2. Understand it’s time move past old, generational mindsets.
  3. Are ready for either a comeback or next level rise and don’t want to hold back any longer
  4. Feel they’re ready to be seen and need to up-level, their look and personal style, message and materials.
  5. Require h.e.l.p. for the strong woman because they’re tired of shouldering others, and it’s their turn now.
  6. Are ready to connect to their inner Mojo and experience transformation from the inside out.

Your inner Mojo whispers. Listen + shift to your next level of power, influence and elegance.


Pamela’s Bio

Visit my MEDIA page for a greater sense of what I’ve been involved in over the years. My desire to become a mentor to women on the rise was born from my need to have someone show up that could light the way for me. 

Years as a PR professional, teacher, publicist, writer, columnist and mentor laid the foundation to bring my best to women ready to rise in power, influence and even fame if they want it.  

It’s time to engage your power, elegantly!