‘Act as boldly and colourfully as your soul needs you to be.’ ~ Pamela


Make uncommon action

your calling card.



Dissolve the hesitation.

Meet your destiny.


Bold emergence.

Your genius expressed. 





                       Be different.


Hello, I’m Pamela. I invite you to challenge yourself to go beyond where you currently find yourself.

Do you dare?

On your own, you’ll hesitate, but within a community powered to encourage confidence, boldness, compassion, empathy and wisdom, it’s more likely you rise to the occasion and tip over to the side you’ve long been wishing and hoping for without any progress.

I know that story well.

It took a long time for me to finally let go of the stories I continually held onto. Although I knew they didn’t work, the safety and comfort of living from that vantage point kept me stuck.

Through a series of teachings and a few incredible mentors, I was able to shift and spiral up to my next level of being.

I’m now providing the space and know-how to help you do the same.

The journey and unfolding happens differently for everyone and the timing is never the same. What is common is being around others who have walked ahead who now turn around to share their findings and it’s precisely why I created the Mojo Salon & Community.

I’m taking my experience along with a host of others who have successfully risen and now enjoy the outcropping and manifestations of once hoped for visions.

One day they made a decision and took the required action to get the job done.

My role as the Mojomaker is to assist you.  I work alongside you to gain clarity to begin or to even unload a lot of baggage getting in your way.  We then move on to blindspots and blocks energetically holding you down, then we create a personal and/or professional brand that exclaims to the world who you are and how you are set to be of service.

This work is available to you on a one-on-one basis or by virtue of your membership in the community.

I understand how difficult it is to stop sabotaging your next big move. Growing and shedding the traps that keep you cozy and in place requires new actions, bold thinking, and a whole new type of energy. It’s about being  and doing uncommon things.  I’m not talking about being eccentric or weird, I’m referring to the energy of the real you, hiding beneath layers of stories thrust upon you since birth. It’s why I share my stories with you, so you’ll understand it’s not just you going through change. Growth and change never stop, why make resistance part of the plan?

While stepping into the role I dubbed the MojoMaker (one who helps others open up to their essence, presence and power), I married my passion for public relations, promoting and marketing into a well-defined skill and package available to those who would also like to take on the role meant for them and are having trouble fully connecting to that role.

If you require style and branding, or a publicist to help you get in front of your audience, I’ve got you covered there too.

Once you’ve made the choice to arrive at your next place of power and effectiveness, I’m here to help.


My mojo definition of power is the ability to take clear, defined, masterful, uncommon actions. Yet, how is that possible if confusion rules your day? Well formulated personalized, power-questions, that cut through the noise you’ve unknowingly adapted over the years, are part of the journey while spending time with me. Getting to your next level is a conversation and an experience. It’s one worth having.


Presence is the bold emergence of your story; values, strengths, genius and abilities, expressed through your work, relationships, and all throughout your day. It’s having the chutzpah to be the most interesting person in the room. It’s the affirmation and confirmation of the clarity given to your story of yourself, to yourself, trusting that who you are, comes through naturally.


Couple courage and confidence together and you have a dynamic duo; an ineffable quality most can’t quantify but will know it when they see it. Do you have it?  And if you have it, are you allowing yourself to ‘work it’?  If not, I’ll work with you to create an exciting atmosphere in order to exhibit a more confident, courageous you. Your vibrant, wise, inherently beautiful person is waiting to emerge.


Fancy is optional.  Uncommon actions are not.

Send me a note and let’s discuss services or a personalized package that will build your power, presence and courage.

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