‘Act as boldly and colourfully as your soul needs you to be.’ ~ Pamela

Hi, I’m Pamela.

I’m a confidence/courage mentor as well as a publicity and promotion strategist working with female entrepreneurs, experts, authors, and coaches, helping them go from “afraid, hidden gem” to “focused, productive and powerful, go-getter”.

People come to me with desires like…

  • Professional preparation and polish of their materials and online spaces


  • Clarifying their unique slants, signals, messages and brand stories


  • Establishing powerful mindsets that walk them past the places they are usually stuck and ineffective


  • Upgrading their personal and professional style, vitality and confidence


  • Brand and public placement in front of their audience while creating media opportunities 



I’m here to tell you it’s possible. I’ve taken many clients through these very journeys.

They bring the talent and the hard work. And I guide, prepare and help them reach the end of the processes needed for their success.


You know, deep down, that the time has come to move the blocks standing in your way and show up like a pro!


Perhaps you overcame challenges with your career, health, or relationships – and now you’re dedicated to helping other people face those same challenges.


Or maybe you’re the kind of person who comes alive when speaking on stage or leading groups – and you’re ready to take it even further.


It’s not just about the money. Getting your message out into the world is something you’re compelled to do. This mission may even feel like a spiritual responsibility.

For a long time, I lacked courage and confidence. It crippled my results.

But I haven’t let that stop me from designing my life, business and time my way and connecting with some of today’s most best rising thought leaders.

By my mid-20s, I had a  wonderful job (working as marketing coordinator for a top nonprofit), lived in a cute apartment in Toronto, and made the rounds at many fabulous parties and events.

But why wasn’t I happy? I couldn’t figure it out.

So I started going to coaching group’s, leadership retreats, mentoring sessions, workshops of all types around personal development. During that time, I got exposed to thought leaders like Louise Hay and Deepak Chopra, whose empowering messages helped other people live better lives.

As time went on, I learned about people like Eric Thomas, Danielle LaPorte, Anthony Robbins, Lisa Nichols and more – newer icons who were helping people find a dream job, start a business, find their purpose, spiral up their confidence improve their health, or let go of toxic relationships.

It was like discovering a diamond mine.

I read every blog post and watch every video from these experts, dreaming of one day starting my own lifestyle and mentoring business.

These people had no idea who I was, but I felt like they were my friends.

It also felt as if they spoke directly to me.

Because I followed their work so closely, I began to see the way to my own life re-design.

So I started to plan, and work with teachers who showed me how to let go of blocks that stood in the way of my next level growth.

Even though I’d always lacked confidence and courage, this wasn’t about me. It was about solving the mindsets keeping me stuck and making connections that could help people experiencing the same issues.

Before I knew it, I made a huge, life-changing decision and began manifesting my life, my way.

And today, I’m able to count the most amazing people as my friends, mentors, and clients. And I’m watching a dream business grow. 


Send me a note and let’s discuss services or a personalized package that will build your power, presence and courage.

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