I love today’s image.

To me, it demonstrates the ability of a strong being, typically found cruising the jungle on its daily bad-ass mission, taking necessary down time to enjoy a moment of respite. The trick for us human beings, is not to find ourselves perpetually hanging out in that mode if we wish to do great work.

As creatives, dreamers and MojoMakers, I bet you’re quite good at what you do.  Pulling together the words, art, music, garden, relationships, connections, movies, videos, recipes etc., when it’s required.

A sweet feeling of elation hits you when the creation is completed.

Delicious, isn’t it?

The trouble is, doing the ‘thing’ you do well, only sometimes doesn’t quite hit the mark of greatness for you, does it?

We all do it.  The energy derived from inspiration, its feeling of warm, liquid gold, turns us on, giving us the juice to get on to the task at hand, giving it an almost magical quality, pushing and prodding us to dive in, and produce.  So we do, and good work is the result.

I use to be like that myself.

I become a whirlwind of action, triggering all kinds of content to spew forth, splashing everywhere, and I looked at it, nodded and said, ‘very good’.

Yet, as I stood there looking at all that ‘good’ stuff, in my heart I knew I could have been great.  I missed the mark and deep within my heart, I’m aware of what happened.

Probably the same thing that happens to you.

We wait for the next round of inspiration, energy and motivation to come our way before we produce the next good piece of work.

My friend, what if the energy you await only circles back in a week, 2 months, 6 months, a year, 5 years, a decade or never?

Are you prepared to hang out that long for your cocktail of creative juices to flow before you get back to work?

Allow me to share something quite profound with you.

I can almost guarantee you don’t want to hear this.


Because it’s uncomfortable, yet so full of common-sense wisdom, it will take your breath away with its shear simplicity.

In order to produce great work, you must exhibit the ability to show up deliberately and consistently, (everyday) no matter what.

Sometimes, doesn’t quite cut it.

Occasionally, won’t get you the results you seek.

Whenever you feel like it will only frustrate you.

WTF Pamela!

Sorry, I know you were hoping for one more ‘hack’ getting you to the front of the line or another secret, promised by so many gurus.  I’ve dug around hunting for those things too and only managed to frustrate myself.  The secret and magic lies deep within your decision to do good work, every single day.

Consistency is the name of the game. 

With the huge proliferation of information floating around, and constant distractions competing for your every waking moment, those that consistently create and deliver, can win in their chosen field.

7 billion people live on the planet with a good chunk of them turning out work, many of them in your niche.

Most of those people will quit.  That’s right.  Be assured, 99% will stop short of getting to great work.

This is good news for you, but only if you keep moving forward and show up every day with your message, product, energy and work.

They stopped because they didn’t see immediate results so went off looking for a short cut and got lost in the land of shiny objects.

I’ve quit many times for all sorts of reasons.

You’ve quit for many reasons too…

Too hard, too much work, not enough time, the baby, the mortgage, the husband, the wife, housework, family obligations, paying the bills, waiting to retire, waiting for permission, Dancing With The Stars is on, it’s Saturday, it’s Sunday, it’s Monday, it’s January, May, July, December, not enough cash, connections or skill, no one liked your stuff, no one knows who you are.

The collection of reasons are abundant.

Tennis legend, Serena Williams, in a recent interview, shared she didn’t enjoy playing tennis.  Her statement shocked me based on her ability to play the game at a world-class level of skill and talent.  She went on to say she saw the game as a way to her next level in life.  So, she showed up every day and practiced. No excuses.  She held the vision and did the work, whether she felt like it or not, no matter what. The rest is history.

Serena Williams


Great, is the push forward and past the things, thoughts and feelings that keep you stuck.

Great, is sticking to a schedule of non-negotiables, saying no to distractions.

Great, is tending to people who excitedly await your next product, post or service.

Great, is getting it done when you don’t feel inspired.

Great, is not waiting, but starting and becoming a person of commitment to one’s self.

Accountability, became my secret sauce to great work.

It produced the daily momentum needed to get my behind in gear and establish a wonderful body of work.

I needed it. You need it too.

Ask yourself how important great work is to your future, your business, your career, life, clients, ability to produce greater income, etc.

Today, make the life-changing decision to shift from good to great and watch what happens to your life.

Anyone can do good work, not all are prepared and willing to do great work.

Be the exception.

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