You know the drill. The one you put yourself through as you make a play to accomplish your goals.

Painstaking effort is taken as you craft your initial steps. Excitement builds as you foresee a brilliant, self-actualized future in your mind’s eye.

Your heart races. Energy courses through your body, as manifesting power spirals up, preparing you for your next level ascent.

Then suddenly, as if by treacherous magic, distractions pop up and catch your eye.

Gremlins, disguised as fun, good times, and good ideas, arrive on the scene.

Their sole purpose; to bring you to your knees, taking you away from a bright future of achievement and next level living, again.

You even told others such as your accountability partner, the plan to; lose those extra pounds, start that side gig, improve waning relationships or earn more money.  You hyped yourself up and knew without a doubt you were going all they way, this time.

And that’s when it happened.

You lost your way and fell off course, lead by rambunctious gremlins who led you to bigger, better, shinier things, leaving you and your grand intentions behind in a cloud of dust, again.

Don’t beat yourself up too much. What happens to you also sidelines millions of other hopefuls.

As you stand in defeat, allow me to shed some light on a little known phenomena messing with your best intentions.

Why You Don’t Take Action

Akrasia, is the term referring to what ultimately happens during the up and down cycle of preparing for the accomplishment of your goals, then the subsequent crash and burn effect leading you to abandon your best intentions. In other words, procrastination takes over, leaving you lost and unfocused.

Akrasia also highlights your inability to delay gratification, so in essence  you’re suffering from what is called ‘time inconsistency‘.  Ouch!

Time inconsistency says, although we understand the benefits of following through to our future self with the accomplishment of our goals, present moment yearnings win out and you end up eating the desserts, watching copious amounts of Netflix, and spending too much time on social media, while saying yes to a whole slew of things not serving the best interest of your future-self.

No wonder we don’t get what we want.

I totally understand where you find yourself.

I’ve stalled out many times without knowing akrasia was wreaking havoc in my life.  Time and time again, I found myself unable to accomplish many of my plans, even those things I felt passionate about.

I experienced massive freedom when I finally understood the potent energy I was dealing with.

It was also a relief to know I wasn’t lazy or unfairly afflicted with some medical impediment that kept me from crossing the finish line on my projects.

And it wasn’t a lack of ambition, vision, resources, support, backbone, education or a multitude of the usual reasons we give ourselves.

So, now that you understand what’s happening, what can you do to break this vicious cycle?  I’ve discovered 3 strategies you can implement right now to help shift you back on the path to success.

3 Ways To Break The Hold Of Procrastination

1. Accomplish Your Goals With Commitment Devices

Simply put, create ways (devices) to make it easier to follow through on your commitments. An example of this would be to clear away all foods in your home containing sugar in order to eat only sugar-free foods, or disable cable TV or delete apps from your phone that cause you to waste time.

Circumstances and conditions will differ for each of us, but I think you understand the point.  Create ways that will design your future actions and behaviours rather than depending on willpower.  Create power in your life, don’t be a victim to your circumstances.

2. Reduce The Pain Of Starting 

Getting started, is the bane of your existence.  Guilt and frustration streaming from procrastination is worse than actually getting down to the work you endlessly avoid, so why do we do it?  Because we get stuck at starting.  I solved this problem with the help of an accountability mentor.

I used their energy of attention to help setup a plan of action and elegantly execute my initial steps out of the gate.  Folks, this is imperative.  Using the assistance of another person reduces the agony of starting and will help you stay the course.  Left on your own, drift sets in taking you off into no-where-land.

Consistently showing up is truly the one goal to master.

3.  Schedule Implementation Intentions

Clearly state what you plan to do, ie. ‘I will weight train each morning at 7am at XYZ Gym.’  I add additional power by letting my mentor know my plans, who in turn will check-in with me to establish consistency.  Schedule your intentions using a variety of apps that will send alerts when it’s time to follow through.

Defining and shedding a light in your areas of in-action, clearly places you ahead of the pack.  Most people will go their entire lives not understanding why they keep faltering and getting the same mediocre results.  They’ll never know why they do the things they do or how they continually allow their desires to escape their grasp.  Don’t get caught in this trap.  Take your life into your hands, and finally conquer akrasia then watch your results spiral up.   Awareness is the heart and soul of mastery and success in any area of life.

Call To Action

Are you in constant struggle to execute goals and plans for your future self?  Is consistency of action eluding your best intentions?  If powerfully shifting past blocks currently keeping you stuck will make a difference in your life, contact me at to book a complimentary 20 minute consult and let’s discuss freeing yourself and moving on to your next level life. Give yourself permission to make your mojo-move today.

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