Last week I posted a list of ’10 Things I Recommend’ and people loved it. So here I am again, back with another light list of ideas to help you improve your life and add a small dose of power to your week.

Don’t be shy. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below if anything suggested brought a bit of value to your life.


1. Tidy up your desktop and device backgrounds

Our phones and devices are now an integral part of life and for many, their every moment centers around them. It’s how we connect to our local and global communities while creating gateways enabling us to work away at our social lives, side hustles, and education. I spend a lot of time on my phone. It’s my mobile office and I treat it as such.


Like an actual office, keeping it tidy and organized is a must if it’s to work to fully support you and your work. I delete apps I don’t use, and rearrange the general layout on a regular basis. Unique backgrounds are loaded that support a healthy and powerful mindset while adding peaceful and inspirational thoughts.  On my laptop, I switch up my desktop background, refile random files, and make sure all my software is up to date! 


2. Buy flowers every other week


This is a must-have. Flowers, real ones, are life. They add beauty to any spot in your home or office. Simply choose your favourite colours and varieties. Your purchase doesn’t have to be large or expensive. Just treat yourself.  You deserve it.



3. Clean out your purse and/or wallet


Save yourself time and anxiety from constantly searching through mounds of debris collected either in the bottom of your purse or wallet. Once a week empty out all your receipts, containers, or whatever found its way into the deep recesses of these places and either file important items or throw out garbage. Your chi will thank you.



4. Make your bed each day


This is on par with brushing your teeth. It seems like such an easy thing, but many still jump out of bed without taking a moment to straighten the place they lay their body for nightly rejuvenation. I sleep much better when I slide beneath sheets that are tightly folded and draped. It’s as if my skin knows it’s about to receive a royal treat. It is. Do yourself and body a favour, make your bed. I will even go as far to say, dress up it for maximum effect.  





5. Buff your feet


This may seem like a strange one, but it’s a huge self-care and elegance tip. Our feet do a lot of work on our behalf and deserve to be given kind treatment. Keep the skin on your feet buffed using a good quality pumice stone. This is necessary to keep your  heels free from dry, scaly skin. Not only will your feet feel better between the sheets of the bed you made up, they’ll also be ready for close contact  (you know  what I mean wink, wink) 😉


6. Design beautiful business cards


Business cards are not solely for entrepreneurs and managers on the go. Now that we all basically exist on a variety of online social spaces, it’s almost necessary to have your contact details on hand in case anyone wants to find you later. Don’t depend on memory to capture details, it could mean lost opportunities. Besides what if you ended up at a cocktail party with Oprah and she wanted to have tea the next day. Don’t laugh, it could happen!  Be prepared. Visit sites like Moo or Vistaprint and for a nominal cost you can have gorgeous business cards within a week.


7. Design your outfit the night before


Selecting your next-day outfit the night before is often the answer for many style-stumped people.

I like to pick out my clothing options in the evening to save time and avoid sleepy mistakes. I will lay out EVERYTHING, including the undergarments, accessories, and “extras.” Keeping your outfits on point is an easy way to feel pulled together giving that added boost of confidence we’re always wanting.


8. Clean out your CAR


This is the same as cleaning out your purse and wallet. Nasty nonsense has a sneaky way of infiltrating the confines of our vehicles. Where does it come from? Nevertheless, the ‘dump’ on 4 wheels concept must end. It’s a drag on your energy and confidence levels. Just think of the person you respect most in the world, would you want them getting in your vehicle right this moment? If the answer is no, guess what you should be doing later. 


Wipe the dust off of all surfaces especially the dashboard. Get rid of all the random junk you’ve been carting around since last Christmas. Elegance and classiness is only a vacuum and car wash away.


9. Create your ‘A’ game process


Are you one of those people that jump out of bed suddenly, then feverishly grope through the pile on the floor for something somewhat clean to wear, then rush out the door without food, water or a comb through your hair? As ridiculous as this sounds, this is the morning routine most people activate each day. In order to trigger feelings of accomplishment and confidence, a systematic approach that empowers your desires throughout the day is a MUST.


I’ve created a ‘Mojo Playbook’. I’ve written down unique statements I use daily along with my 3 non-negotiable thoughts and things I do, and it goes from there. Anyone that finds my playbook will know exactly how I get things organized and accomplished. Left on my own, I’d be a  walking catastrophe. If that’s you, consider pulling your power together each day with a playbook of your own. Don’t know where to begin? I can help you with that.


10. Continue your education 


Education doesn’t end the moment you leave school, or at least, it shouldn’t. Continuous education is a deal breaker in most circles of influence. Whether you’re keeping abreast of global events, understanding how the universe works, or just need to know how to finally discern Latin or Greek, the pursuit of higher levels of learning and information is a wise course for anyone looking to rise to their next level experience.


Take time to learn philosophy, history, or hobbies such as gardening, astronomy, photography or an instrument. Use your best asset, your mind.


11. Create an incredible invigorating playlist


We are blessed to have continuous access to information of every kind. Most only dip sparingly from this deep well of knowledge by creating music playlists. Nothing wrong with that but how about becoming more creative. Pull together a playlist that involves a cross section of information guaranteed to fill your mind with a variety of interests and incalculable information. Yes, download your favourite tunes, but consider pulling in other genres such as YouTube training videos, presentations from online classrooms/Universities, etc.  Don’t stagnate by sticking to one area of knowledge. Aspire to grow your base of information using your devices and apps and watch your world take on a new essence of understanding. You’ll see information begin to cluster and coalesce almost like magic!
So my friends, there you have it. Another list of ideas for your reading pleasure. Hopefully you’ll have gleaned something from the above points that will add to your journey. If you do, please let me know in the comments below. 

More hot mojo tips can be found on my Youtube channel

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