Hello there and welcome back! I’m starting a weekly series on something I love…lists. I automatically gravitate toward lists of any kind because they’re so easy to consume and are fun to read.


I thought it would be helpful if I began creating simple lists of things pertaining to elegance, confidence, information and style. If you enjoy these lists, don’t be shy, please let me know what other topics you’d like me to compile and share with the Mojo community.


Today’s list is made up of things I personally recommend. Some are things I use, while others are experiences or books I’m reading. Either way, go through the list and perhaps you’ll pick up an new idea or two.


Here we go….


1. This Show:  Salt Fat Acid Heat

This Netflix series opened my eyes to the elements of cooking basics; salt, fat, acid and heat. Although I’ve been cooking my entire adult life, I’ve been mindlessly doing so. This series gave me a strong appreciation for the art and love of working with everyday ingredients and processes that add a touch of love, elegance and grace to my meals.


2.  This Skin Care Tip: Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen

We all know about sunscreen, but did you know it’s the single most important thing you can use to effectively fight premature aging?


All those creams, potions and lotions we spend a fortune on in the hopes of turning back the clock pale in comparison to proper sun safety etiquette. Daily use of sunscreen is the answer. I also go the extra mile by carrying a parasol. Might as well look good while fighting those dangerous rays.



3.  This Mobile Phone: Huawei Pro

Yes, I know one of their VPs is currently in hot water at the moment but it doesn’t take away the fact that this phone is the BOMB!  It’s the absolute best device I’ve owned to date. Sorry iPhone users, this may very well top your device. No phone wars please, I’m simply stating my experience. The photos taken with the Huawei are incredible and shooting film at night is a dream. I strongly recommend this device and no, I’m not making money promoting them. (perhaps I should). I just enjoy the phone and had to share it with you.


4.  This Red Wine: Diabolica Red VQA

Diabolica wine is grown in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia. It’s not your ordinary wine. My first glass was pure joy. I’m normally a Malbec drinker, however, this full bodied blend of red instantly converted me to its fruitier offering.  A wonderful addition to any meal or simply enjoy while people gazing on your fave patio. Your best bet is to head down to your local wine shop and pick one up. It will definitely tempt your senses. 


5.  This Exercise Routine: Daily Walks

Walking is the best way to slim down overall without bulking up muscle groups. Kudos that it also burns calories. The key? Walk for at least 45 – 60 mins at a fat burning rate (brisk pace).  Make your time enjoyable by listening to your favourite tunes or maybe an educational podcast. Go ahead, make your heart happy.


6. This Body Softening Hack: Moisturize While Wet

As soon as I step out of the shower, I reach for my body moisturizer and slather it all over while still wet (I’ll share my beautifying lotion in a future post). Once it’s on, I towel dry. I am then silky smooth and ready to start the day. I add extra to my feet once dry because it needs additional lotion love because it’s an area I have difficulty keeping smooth and soft.  If you’re a gentleman reading this, please start slathering while wet. Men don’t seem to think it’s necessary to moisturize after showering/bathing. Not sure why they think us ladies love sandpaper rubbing up against us. Just sayin’ fellas…


7. This Relationship Hack: Love Language

Love languages are the methods by which partners express and receive love. It could be words, touch, gifts etc. Every relationship is different causing love miscommunication especially in the early stages. Learn your own as well as your partner’s. Once you figure out how to communicate love, your entire relationship will transform.


Why do this? Because people like to feel seen, heard and appreciated. Your actions or non-actions indicate if you have in fact seen, heard and appreciated them. My language are hugs and flirty texts throughout the day. I light up when I receive them and look forward to them in great anticipation. Take the test TODAY! 


8. This Instagram Account: Zack Pinsent 

I always had a ‘thing’ for period dressing and historical shows and books. I’m quite fascinated with the Regency and Victorian eras. Style, elegance and etiquette was the narrative of the day as grand hostesses ruled society.


Fast forward to today, and I’m fascinated by anyone who has the courage and confidence to shift into their unique sense of style and own it, even daringly so. One such young man is Zach Pinsent. He’s a social media sensation known for his Bespoke Historical Clothing from 1666 – 1920s. Not only does he dress exclusively in these period styles, he makes everything he wears and for others too!


I recommend you follow Zach. It’s not about looking for fashion inspiration, it’s about catching his sense of joie de vie and the courage it takes to own your sense of uniqueness. Confidence baby, confidence. Follow him on Instagram!


9. This App: Kindle

I love information, therefore I’m always reading, well, as much I can these days. Since it would be inappropriate to walk around with books in my purse everywhere I go, especially since it would weigh a ton, I download books to my Kindle app and can then access them on my phone. It’s not my preferred way to read books. I still love holding them as I drink coffee, but I have access to books in a pinch. Especially handy to have while standing in line or waiting around during appointments etc. My online library has grown to over 300+ books, accessible at any moment!


10. This Book: Evil Plans – Having Fun On The Road To World Domination

So now you’re diving a bit deeper into Pamela’s inner world and thinking…lol! As corny as this book sounds, it’s quite a powerful read. As an entrepreneur who spends a lot of time in my head, reading books like Evil Plans is a fun treatise on how things actually work in the real world as one moves toward their dreams and desires.


Mediocrity must slide out the door and commitment must rule the day. Chapters such as, Welcome to the Hunger – IT WILL COST YOU YOUR LIFE and Make Art Every Day have acted as a balm for my frenzied soul as I work my business. It also happens to be a humorous read. I smile each time I dive into the depths of these pages. I wonder if anyone knows I’m on my way to world domination? Pssst…don’t tell anyone. Buy with my affiliate link today. Perhaps we can share evil plans together! 


So there you have it. My first list of recommendations. I originally had planned to list 20 things but wanted to save some of the fun and cool things for next week. I hope you found them fascinating. It’s hoped that at the very least, your imagination was sparked and you can see the many options and possibilities available to you.


Have a beautifully, inspired day my friend!

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