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Are you ready to shift to your next level of power?

Whether you’re looking to establish yourself as a leading expert in your industry…

Or seek a higher earning position after years of stagnating in a lower income job…

Or ready to show up and be seen as a highly capable individual, who exhibits top flight confidence, clarity, effectiveness, accountability and style…


Pamela Sylvan responded to our request for help in problem-solving during a discouraging time in our fundraiser event promotion process.
She was able to not only give us a myriad of ideas and tools to make our event a success, but was also able to lift the team’s energy into a place of optimism and excitement about our upcoming event.
This was no small feat, as I was in the meeting via a conference call-in, due to the fact that I was home sick at the time.
Pamela’s positive energy and creative thinking was so strong that it reached me through the phone line and lifted me into our new action plan.
I would highly recommend Pamela Sylvan to anyone who is event planning, or doing public relations outreach for an event.
She is a genius!

J. Scott

Professional Fundraising Coordinator

Pamela Sylvan and I met a few years ago at the Making History Gala dinner in Victoria.  I was incredibly motivated by her keynote that evening.

I find her very easy to understand and she’s precise. Pamela’s tone and clarity while speaking was enjoyable,  and relatable.

This year on March 30th we had the pleasure of Pamela speaking to a full house which attended our Gala Dinner wrapping up Black History month. Our room was a mixture of many cultures, capturing diversity to its fullest.  Pamela everyone feel at ease and her storytelling skills are stellar.  Attendees found her to be an excellent speaker, and were impressed with her message of courage, confidence and momentum.

The Nanaimo African Heritage Society is looking forward to Pamela speaking at other events. I would recommend anyone to hire her to speak at their event. We thank you very much and look forward to your return.

Shalema Gannt

CEO, Panache Agency/Owner, Nanaimo African Historical Society/ Chief Editor, NAHS Magazine



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