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Are you ready to shift to your next level of power?

Whether you’re looking to establish yourself as a leading expert in your industry…

Or seek a higher earning position after years of stagnating in a lower income job…

Or ready to show up and be seen as a highly capable individual, who exhibits top flight confidence, clarity, effectiveness, accountability and style…

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Here’s my story on how I went from tired corporate employee, to sick mom, to professional mentor and life designer to business owner and now keynote speaker as the Mojomaker.

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My services include all you need to to ensure you’re successfully reaching your ultimate best in the 4 ’empire-sets’ of your life; mind, health, heart & soul. 



I’ve had the pleasure and joy of reaching many through shows, interviews, articles and radio. I’d love to continue sharing. Reach out to book me for your event or occasion.



My growing collection of FREE tips include how-to’s and resources and more to help you in your journey toward mastery, confidence and a sense of well-being and accomplishment.

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I’m all about dishing out what I’ve learned in my experience as I learned, struggled and grew in my personal life and business. I’m sharing and recommending the best of the best here on my blog.



My 1st book, ‘SNATCH Back Your Life + 39 Other Keys To Create A Life Of Power & Joy’, is based on the quirky, yet profound lessons learned while redesigning choices and life. 

The Book

I would highly recommend Pamela Sylvan to anyone who is event planning, confidence building or doing public relations outreach for an event.
She is a genius!

Jay Scott

Professional Fundraising Coordinator

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