Sex, Sensuality & Success, Are You Ready To Unleash?


angelathurstonWe’re talking sex , sensuality and success.

This tantalizing theme is a bestselling topic and spurs the imagination unlike anything else.  Yet, it’s something that keeps us locked down and inhibits us from fully enjoying the fullness of our being and the inherent power readily at our disposal.

In essence, our mojo is seriously caged because of fear and subsequent discomfort around this material.

Guest, Angela Thurston sheds light on how we can begin the process of fully realizing our true potential around our own sexuality.

It was a joy to freely share my own history and journey with Angela around sexuality and my work involved in the upward spiral that now honours me with delicious results as an entrepreneur simply by engaging all parts of myself.  It’s a learnable skill that once engaged, opens up limitless possibilities, if you allow it.

Through the studying, training, and certification in The Art of Feminine Presence, Vividly Women Embodiment Coaching, Continuum Movement, The TaoTantric Arts, and Desire Mapping, Angela has created the tapestry of radiant health, divine relationships, and her life’s calling. The essence of her powerful, feminine being now radiates out into all aspects of her succulent life.

She shares  the discovery that our sensual aliveness is not separate from our spiritual journey, or our career success, it is in fact the secret ingredient to creating an abundant, joyful, vibrant life. It is when she took the voyage into the sweet center of he womb that great shifts occurred, clarity became accessible, and her confidence levels soared.

Angela’s recent TedX talk catapulted her to new heights as a sensuality coach and Continuum Movement facilitator.  Her recent book release, Erotic By Nature, harnesses our awareness of the beauty of sex all around us, if we have the eyes to see it.  This beautiful compilation of images and poetry is set to fire up your imagination!

Listen in as Angela guides you to that place deep within where you can discover the sensuality waiting to be unleased and beautifully set loose to craft a full and abundant life.



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